Isles of Scilly Freight

We provide a regular and reliable shipping service year-round that carries a full range of freight, allowing islanders to conduct their business and live their lives without limitation. Gry Maritha, our dedicated freight ship, can be entrusted to carry anything from palletised cargo and large goods to the smallest and most fragile of packages. From perishables to aggregate, and gifts to vehicles, we cater for all freight needs, no matter the size or fragility. If you have any freight requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Business Freight from West Country Foods unloading on North Arm Pier, Penzance

Business freight

We are the first or final link in a logistics chain that connects the Isles of Scilly to Penzance and beyond. We might be shipping goods and materials to supply and stock the islands or produce to take to mainland markets. We understand the importance your business puts on the reliability of our service.
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Loading a blue car onto Gry Maritha - private freight - Isles of Scilly Freight

Private freight

Anything that is too large to be carried by hand on Scillonian III or Skybus can be entrusted to us to safely transport between the mainland and the islands. It could be anything from a surfboard to a car. Whatever it is, we know it’s precious to you, so it will be treated with the care it deserves.
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Scillonian II unloading freight - St Mary's Quay, Isles of Scilly Historic image of a car being loaded onto Gry Maritha - Isles of Scilly Historic image showing a lorry being loaded onto Scillonian III On Penzance Quay

Over 100 years of history

The history of any group of islands has always been inextricably linked to its ability to trade with the mainland. This is as true for the Isles of Scilly as it is for any other island community.

In 2020 the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group celebrated 100 years of service, providing essential transport links for both passengers and freight between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland.

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Freight booking

All freight deliveries need to be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance and, if you’re shipping an especially large item, we’ll ask for a little more notice.
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Loading Gry Maritha with flammable liquids - Isles of Scilly Freight


Isles of Scilly Freight has been involved in a great number of fascinating projects and accepted a good number of challenging jobs. You can read about some of them here.
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Gry Maritha and Lyonesse Lady at St Mary's Harbour, Isles of Scilly

Our vessels

Isles of Scilly Freight has a small fleet of vessels, each is focused on a specific aspect of the service that we provide, from deep-water cargo vessel to high-speed RIB.
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