Inter-island freight

Lyonesse Lady delivers freight between islands six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

Lyonesse Lady arriving at Tresco to unload freight unloading freight from Lyonesse Lady at Tresco Lyonesse Lady Captain sailing towards the off islands

Booking & delivery from Penzance to the off islands

Contact our freight office in Penzance with details of your freight shipment and when you would like to send. At the time of booking we offer an option for you to designate the shipment for off island delivery:

  • Bryher
  • St Agnes
  • St Martin’s
  • Tresco

You will need to complete and return a shipping note before the day of delivery.

Deliver your shipment to Penzance Quay in the timeslot you were given. Our quay hands will then separate your items into the designated area / container for the appropriate island.

Isles of Scilly Off Island Freight Routes Map

Inter island deliveries – Lyonesse Lady

  • Once your shipment has been received at St Mary’s Quay it will be loaded onto our inter island freight ship Lyonesse Lady and delivered to the island quay you requested.
  • You can collect your shipment from the quay or organise a freelance cargo handler to collect and deliver for you.
  • Collection times to the island quays will vary as arrival times are tide dependent.
Lyonesse Lady being loaded with freight at St Mary's quay to take to the off islands Lyonesse Lady departing St Mary's Quay with freight Employee getting Lyonesse Lady ready to depart St Mary's quay

Booking & delivery from the off islands to Penzance

  • Contact our Freight Administrator on St Mary’s Quay to discuss the shipment.
  • You will need to complete and return a shipping note before the day of delivery. Details of when the shipment will be collected from Penzance Quay must be included.
  • You can deliver your shipment to the island quay yourself or organise a freelance cargo handler.
  • Delivery times to the quays will vary as departure times for Lyonesse Lady are tide dependent.