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All freight carried for a business or private individual, travels the same route from the mainland to the islands, it is handled by the same crew and travels on Gry Maritha, or on occasion Scillonian III.

Freight shipped to Scilly on Gry Maritha and is now being unloaded onto St Mary's Quay Lorry delivering freight to be shipped to Scilly on Gry Maritha Freight loading on to the Gry Maritha to be shipped to Scilly

Business freight

Business freight is carried for and on behalf of a business and will typically entail larger quantities and larger items. The majority of business freight is palletised.

Business freight may be acting as a link in a supply chain or a courier network and so needs to integrate with the other services making up that chain.

A business freight account is more likely to be making regular shipments, necessary to the running of that business.

Motorbike being trnsported on St Mary's Quay on a forklift truck Motor bike being craned onto Scillonian II to be shipped to Penzance - Isles of Scilly Freight Harness being put around motorbike to be craned onto Scillonian III - Isles of Scilly Freight

Private freight

A private freight account makes it easier for an individual to make occasional shipments or even a one off shipment.

Business references are not needed to open a private account and a small deposit is taken.

Non-permanent residents or temporary users of the Isles of Scilly Freight service can find a private account particularly convenient.