Scilly to Penzance

Gry Maritha maintains a year-round service and returns from St Mary’s on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Freight delivery and employees completing the paperwork on St Mary's Quay - Isles of Scilly Freight Freight team using photocopier - Isles of Scilly Freight

Booking freight to be shipped to Penzance

  • Contact our freight administrator on St Mary’s Quay with details of your freight shipment and when you would like to send.
  • Based on your item description and preferred shipping date, we will give you a timeslot when your shipment can be delivered to St Mary’s Quay.
  • You will need to complete and return a shipping note before the day of delivery. Details of when the shipment will be collected from Penzance Quay must be included.
Canoes delivered to St Mary's Quay to be shipped to the mainland Kayaks being craned onto Gry Maritha from St Mary's Quay Kayaks being harnessed ready to be lifted onto Gry Maritha

Freight deliveries to St Mary’s Quay

  • You will need to arrange collection of your shipment with your chosen haulier. They will then collect and deliver your items to St Mary’s Quay.
  • For small items you can drop off your shipment at St Mary’s Quay yourself in the timeslot you were given.
  • On arrival our quay staff will check the items against the shipping note you provided at the time of booking. Any discrepancies are noted, and the note is adjusted for the ship’s manifest.
  • Your items are then stored until they are loaded onto Gry Maritha or Scillonian III.
Isles of Scilly Council waste containers being lifted of the Gry Maritha by crane Isles of Scilly Council waste containers being forklifted on Penzance Quay ready for collection

Freight collections from Penzance Quay

  • Once your shipment arrives on Penzance Quay it is stored in the quay warehouse or larger items may be stored outside.
  • The shipment is then collected by your chosen haulier and delivered to its final destination.